As a cannabis business accelerator, Liberty Leaf makes carefully considered investments in growth-oriented, legal cannabis ventures. Here are our leading investments to date:


Current Holdings


North Road Ventures:

North Road Ventures was acquired by Liberty Leaf in October, 2016. It is an emerging distributor of cultivated and manufactured cannabis products to licenced legal retailers. The company is expanding into the recreational market. North Road currently occupies a leased commercial space in Metro Vancouver. North Road has an application pending with Health Canada for a ACMPR license.



North Road Ventures In the News

Distribution drives Liberty Leaf’s plans in $8 billion Canadian cannabis market

Liberty Leaf's North Road cannabis distribution model brings the same end-to-end discipline and supply chain mastery used by established brands in the food and beer/wine/spirit industries.





Just Kush:

Liberty Leaf has Acquired the majority interest in Just Kush – a late-stage ACMPR Applicant and a company in control of a current MMAR-licensed facility. The acquisition puts two ACMPR licences in play, strengthening Liberty Leaf’s strategic position as a forward-thinking, vertically-integrated cannabis company



Active Partners


Esev Genetics:

ESEV Genetics is developing the world’s first genomic platform for high value crop and advancing medicine and foods plant-derived solutions, to improve people’s life.




Blox Labs:

Blox Labs Inc. (CSE: BLOX) (FSE: BR1B) is a boutique technology development company that is focused on creating best-in-class software solutions that are driven by emerging trends in Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Decentralized Application Technologies. BLOX is actively targeting strategic acquisitions of high growth companies in the technology sector and is open to partnerships.



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Whether you are an investor seeking to include the cannabis industry in your portfolio, or an entrepreneur with a start-up or a strong business idea for the legal cannabis space, Liberty Leaf has the expertise and financial resources to build your portfolio or take your enterprise to the next level.