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The compelling value case for investing in cannabis

No question there’s excitement in the air. The Government of Canada is building a world-class cannabis industry – with the target of providing regulated and restricted access to marijuana no later than July 2018. This will make Canada the second nation in the world to legalize both medical and recreational marijuana. The CDN market value is estimated at $6.0 billion annually. To meet that demand, a whole new industry is being developed from the ground up!

With all the changes happening in the industry, Liberty Leaf wants to help our shareholders keep up with current industry news and market conditions. In this article, we are pleased to share with you the findings from a new report by Eight Capital, a Canadian full-service investment dealer engaged in investment banking, equity research and institutional sales and trading. The company has offices in Toronto, Montreal and Calgary. You can download the full 59-page report, The Value Case for Investing in the Cannabis Sector here.

To fully appreciate the value case for investing in cannabis, you to have understand several factors: knowledge of the legal climate in both Canada and the U.S.; awareness of developments in cannabis cultivation and distribution; and knowledge of the different cannabis forms and components, e.g., such as flowers, concentrates, edibles, cannabidiol (CBD), tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and terpenes.

As just one example of its detailed findings, The Value Case for Investing in the Cannabis Sector shows you how LP share price performance has accelerated since June:



In introducing its report, Eight Capital states:

“We believe that over time the cannabis sector will grow into similar valuations as comparable sectors due to legalization being probable, the role the LPs will play in supply, and the cost of capital decreasing as the industry is legitimized…

“Longer term, the involvement of larger, better capitalized firms in the tobacco, consumer products, and/or retail sectors is possible once the federal and provincial retail frameworks are established. This could lead to one or more monetization events for LPs in the future as larger firms may choose to acquire their way into the market. We still view the largest Health Canada LPs as the best way to play the sector.”

To explain the potential boom in the cannabis sector, The Value Case looks at shared industry features and comparable booms that occurred in such fields as television, cable TV and broadband Internet, automakers and even specialty coffee. The report also considers how the boom will affect the alcohol industry and compete with opioids, as well as commenting on different taxation approaches in Canada and the U.S.

Here’s one of several key take-aways: Eight Capital projects the value of cannabis investments in Canada will reach $3 billion in the medical market and a $6 billion in the recreational market by 2024.

If you are investing in or considering cannabis stocks for your portfolio, you absolutely should read The Value Case for Investing in the Cannabis Sector.

Here again is a link to this seminal report.

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Illnesses that burden our pets may be eased by marijuana, say veterinarians

It may not be just humans who derive health benefits from cannabis. Veterinarians are urging that more research be conducted so we can better understand the possible health benefits, as well as any attendant risks, of giving cannabis to animals. Such research will also show if and how cannabis affects animals in different ways than it does people.

Veterinarians both here and in the United States believe that cannabis can help our pets and other animals by: easing anxiety; providing relief for inflammation and cancer; and significantly reducing animals’ suffering as part of more compassionate end-of-life care.

For example, based on medical uses for humans, it’s possible that cannabis derivatives such as CBDs could have significant value for treating canine epilepsy, and osteoarthritis in dogs and other pets.

Experts are quick to point out that CBD for animals won’t make Fido or Fluffy high, as it doesn’t contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main ingredient leading to possible psychoactive effects.  Rather, CBD for animals, e.g., in the form of dog treats or capsules, only contain cannabinoids, the non-psycho-active component of the cannabis plant filled with health benefits.

But again, veterinarians say they need comprehensive research to fully understand the benefits of giving animals CBD to relieve pain and/or illness.

That’s where Liberty Leaf is taking a leading role.


Liberty Leaf and ESEV moving on CBD research

Liberty Leaf is pleased to let you know that it’s collaborating with ESEV, a leading Israeli-American research-and-development company, to research the emerging cannabis opportunities in the pet-health-and-wellness market. Liberty Leaf and ESEV have already begun looking into the efficiency of CBD pain management for canine osteoarthritis.

Their findings will potentially present a major opportunity to generate sales within the pet health/wellness industry – not only domestically, but on a broad global scale. With ESEV, Liberty Leaf is researching CBD formulations to target this market.

You can read about that collaboration – and about some of the landmark tests underway – here.


Cannabinoid (CBD) definition

“CBD is one of at least 85 active cannabinoids identified in cannabis. It is a major phytocannabinoid, accounting for up to 40% of the plant’s extract. CBD is considered to have a wider scope of medical applications than tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Cannabinoid receptors are concentrated in certain areas of the brain associated with memory, pleasure, coordination and time perception.”


Further reading

For further reading, check out these articles on cannabis and veterinary medicine:

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What’s new at Liberty Leaf?

In this round-up of what’s new at our company, you’ll see our new premises, expanded to accommodate our expanded business and team. And, you’ll meet both our new CFO, Jamie Robinson, and the newest member of our team, Kris Davenport, responsible for investor relations.

Also in What’s New, you’ll find out about our just-appointed Advisory Board – and be sure to check out Advisory Board Chair Robert Laurie’s interview on CKNW!


We’re expanding – so we’ve moved to a new office!

Liberty Leaf has a new home. On August 1 we moved into new, expanded digs on the seventh floor of Vancouver’s Jameson Building, 838 West Hastings Street, near Hornby.

Liberty Leaf had to move to a larger office to accommodate the growth of both our business and our staff.  The Jameson Building offices feature a reception, a boardroom, a kitchen and better working spaces for team members.

Please drop by when you’re in the ’hood! We warmly welcome all our friends and investors to come in, enjoy a coffee and chat with us.


Meet our new CFO: Jamie Robinson

We’re delighted to announce that Jamie Robinson recently joined our team as a board member and CFO of Liberty Leaf.

Jamie is a chartered accountant who specializes in accounting, auditing and financial reporting under the standards of both the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and Accounting Standards for Private Enterprises (ASPE), two bodies that provide broad frameworks of guidelines, conventions, rules and procedures for accounting.

Before joining us, Jamie was a manager at Deloitte, focusing on publicly-listed and private-company audits, as well as business reviews, performance enhancement and formal corporate restructurings.

Jamie’s other experience includes working as a senior financial analyst at Corinex Communications, where he prepared in-depth financial analyses of currencies and commodities, as well as financial statements for investing and hedge fund trading.

Jamie has a CA designation and a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McGill University. When he isn’t working, you can find him just about every day building his stamina on the Grouse Grind.


Say hello to our newest team member, Kris Davenport

Please join us in welcoming Kris Davenport, the newest member of our Liberty Leaf team, responsible for investor relations.

Kris has a diverse background that includes corporate communications, investor and public relations, advertising and marketing, project management and business administration. She has worked in both the public and private market sectors on a wide range of projects for  clients from many different industries, including the resource sector, bio-tech, high tech, new media, software and the entertainment industry. Along with experience, Kris brings an extensive financial network of private investors and brokerage firms that’s a distinct asset for Liberty Leaf.

Kris has lived in Vancouver’s West End for the last 10 years and loves her new commute – a lovely 20-minute walk to the office!


New Advisory Board will help shape Liberty Leaf

Over the summer, Liberty Leaf management and directors created an Advisory Board help us develop the distribution business model of our wholly-owned subsidiary, North Road Ventures. The board will also play a key role in shaping our cannabis business, using expertise the board members have in law, cannabis research and animal health.

Here’s the August 10 press release we sent out about our new Advisory Board.


…And listen to the Chair of our Advisory Board, Robert Laurie, on CKNW!

 If you haven’t heard it already, don’t miss this timely, informative interview with Liberty Leaf Advisory Board Chair Robert Laurie on CKNW News. Among other intriguing topics, you’ll find out about Robert’s meeting with Vancouver dispensary owners and operators to discuss their future in the city, now that marijuana’s set to become legalized next year. Click here to listen.


What’s more, in next month’s newsletter, we’ll have an exclusive interview with Robert Laurie! Watch for that in the coming issue.