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Liberty Leaf and North Road Ventures Welcome BC Retail Guidelines for Cannabis

by Liberty Leaf

Liberty Leaf and North Road Ventures Welcome BC Retail Guidelines for Cannabis

by Liberty Leaf

by Liberty Leaf

Liberty Leaf and North Road Ventures Welcome BC Retail Guidelines for Cannabis

 Guidelines Mean Huge Opportunity for Sales of Branded Products


Vancouver, B.C. – February 6, 2018: Liberty Leaf President and CEO, says the Company is pleased with the BC government’s newly released guidelines for how recreational-use cannabis will be sold in the province. Liberty Leaf Holdings Ltd. (CSE: LIB, OTCQB: LIBFF and FSE: HN3P) (the “Company” or “Liberty Leaf”) is a Canadian-based, public company whose objective is to be at the forefront of the cannabis industry, accelerating revenue-generating businesses within this rapidly growing sector.

The guidelines propose a mix of public and private retail outlets, similar to the way liquor is now sold in BC. And it will establish the Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) as the sole wholesaler of cannabis products.

These guidelines are similar to other retail models proposed in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and that is all good news for Liberty Leaf and its wholly-owned subsidiary, North Road Ventures.

“Going to a retail model that permits independently-run stores means there will be demand for a variety of products,” says North Road’s Doug Macdonell, Research and Development officer. “Having hundreds of retail outlets across Western Canada creates a large and varied market that fits perfectly with our distribution model, which includes developing a network of artisan and micro-growers who don’t have their own distribution capacity.”

BC’s guidelines will also keep cannabis out of liquor stores and other types of retail establishments, except in remote rural areas where a separate cannabis outlet would not be viable. Essentially, cannabis retailers will only be permitted to sell cannabis and cannabis-related accessories. That means there will be no competition for cannabis dollars from alcohol, cigarettes, lottery tickets, food or any other products.

Another thing Macdonell likes about BC’s guidelines is that there will be no artificial limit on the number of retail store licenses: “More stores means more demand for our grower’s products.”

Yet another encouraging part of the guidelines is that the LDB will only distribute pre-packaged products, and that retail outlets will not be permitted to re-package or re-brand the products they sell.

“We are busy developing branded cannabis products for ourselves and for some of our suppliers, so this means there will be no re-packaging and dilution of the brands we supply to the LDB,” Macdonell says.

“Liberty Leaf applauds this farsighted and flexible retail framework for recreational-use cannabis,” says Will Rascan. “It means BC is open for business – our business.”


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